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Posted by on Jul 11, 2009 in Recipes | 1 comment

Chuncheon Style Kimchi Pizza

Chuncheon Style Kimchi Pizza

This is my first cooking video.

When I first discovered YouTube, there were a couple of Korean ladies who had made a kimchi pizza video but it was not a serious or well-produced video. They attempted to “bake” the pizza on a grill using only a sheet of tinfoil between the crust and the grate. They burnt the crust on the outside and the only thing Korean about the pizza was the kimchi itself. Otherwise, it was a typical Western pizza.

I knew that I could make a better kimchi pizza and that my hubby and I could make a better video as well. Apparently the young ladies who made the original kimchi pizza video on youtube agreed because their video is no longer available on YouTube. This video is now considered the quintessential kimchi pizza video on YouTube, Google and Yahoo! based on the number of views, which is over 41,000 at the time of this post.

Within a month of posting the video (December 3, 2007) Serious featured this video in an article called How to Make a Kimchi Pizza. I can’t believe I made this video that long ago and how much my video style has grown up since we made this video.

The one thing I learned from making that video was that you should film it right. If you use footage of your cooking mistakes, make note of the mistake but you have to have footage of the correct recipe so your viewers don’t get confused and end up repeating your mistake. [For more on this, see my post on my video “Curry Deviled Eggs.”]

You only have so much time to keep a viewer’s attention. The one mistake I made in this video is how long it is. It’s nearly 10 minutes long and it could have been edited more tightly. We spent too much time focusing on the basting brush and the application of the sauce on the crust. Every video I have made since this video has been 6 minutes or less.

You always remember the “first” time you do anything new and the Chuncheon Style Kimchi Pizza video will hold that place forever.

1 Comment

  1. This is cool. I like kimchi. I'm sure I'll like kimchi pizza too. I'm glad that you add some pepperoni too. Congrats on your youtube success:) Great work

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