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Posted by on Jul 22, 2009 in Korean Food | 0 comments

Kimchi in the News: Freeze-dried Kimchi

Kimchi in the News: Freeze-dried Kimchi

The LA Times posted an article called South Korean creates kimchi that won’t smell. It appears that making space kimchi wasn’t challenging enough so now Koreans have come up with an even more difficult task–deodorized kimchi. Many foreigners dislike the smell of kimchi but even Koreans get annoyed by it on occasion.

Even in South Korea there’s a social no-no known as kimchi breath — the whiff of cabbage seasoned and fermented in chili, garlic and ginger that can send listeners reaching for their handkerchiefs….Most South Korean households have a special kimchi refrigerator to keep the odor from contaminating other foods.

Kim Soon-ja, Korea’s kimchi master, was inspired to develop a kimchi that doesn’t have an odor. That’s a pretty ambitious undertaking since kimchi is loaded with ginger, garlic, onions and red pepper paste as well as optional anchovy or shrimp paste. Those items are pungent before fermentation.

Yet in a nation that has set a goal of establishing its cuisine as among the world’s five most popular by 2017, kimchi’s odor has always been a stumbling block. According to a survey by the Seoul-based Corea Image Communication Institute, the unique smell of Korean food is the biggest barrier to globalizing the cuisine.

According to the LA Times, Ms. Kim has secured a patent for her development and is working on mass producing her kimchi for the foreign market. Maybe Bae Yong Joon might place an order for his Korean restaurant in Japan.

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