Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ku soju review

Ku Soju Original (SnoothRank: 3/5) (July 2009) My husband dismissively calls soju "sweetened rubbing alcohol," but I can't imagine eating Korean food without it. The Merriam-Webster dictionary simply calls soju "Korean vodka." It is a distilled alcoholic beverage traditionally made with rice but more commonly made with sweet potato, barley, wheat, or tapioca. Soju has an alcohol content of 20%–45% by volume. The soju sold in American markets is usually on the lower end of that scale to fit the legal requirement to be sold as "wine." Soju is an acquired taste, but Ku makes it an easily acquired taste. It's light, crisp and sweet (but not too sweet). Soju is a good substitute for vodka, which is why it's becoming popular on the cocktail circuit. It isn't the only soju on the market and it's not the cheapest either, but it's certainly worth trying with your next Korean meal. MyRating: 4/5

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