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Posted by on Jul 30, 2009 in Commentary | 1 comment

The “secret” to making the kalbi video

The “secret” to making the kalbi video

Most recipes for kalbi (Korean beef ribs) currently published use Western substitutes for pear juice such as corn syrup; apple, kiwi or pineapple juice; or a sweet lemon-lime soft drink such as Sprite. I decided to go “old-school” in my kalbi video, going back to basics because Americans in most areas of the country have access to Korean pears.

However, Korean pears are a seasonal fruit, especially if you’re a bit of a purist like me and prefer to buy the pears from Korea. What do I do in the spring and summer when Korean pears are lacking? I buy the little cans of pear juice from the Korean grocery store. They’re approximately 8 ounces (236 ml) and have the perfect amount of juice for my marinade. It’s a little more liquid than the grated pear I usually use, but the flavor is still there. That’s the important thing.

Here’s a little video-continuity secret. For the most part, it was recorded in the order it is shown. However, we captured the pouting-over-the-cookbooks scene immediately before I started cooking, so all the dialogues before the cooking sequence were filmed first. I forgot to my glasses them off while I was grilling the ribs. There’s a brief point at 3:53 at which you can see glasses.

I don’t wear my glasses in my videos because we use a lot of lighting. It is difficult to compensate for the glare on the lenses, so it’s easier not to wear glasses on camera. I only need them for reading books or a computer screen anyway. However, I thought my glasses would add an honest, studious touch to that little vignette, so I wore them.

Photo credit: Jeff Quackenbush, 2008

1 Comment

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that most of your recipes are Korean rather than Korean fusion, so your blog should not say that it "demonstrates Korean-American versions of popular Western dishes", but just "Korean dishes".

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