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Posted by on Jul 12, 2009 in Korean Food, Recipes | 0 comments

Turkey Kimchi Fried Rice

Turkey Kimchi Fried Rice

This was my second cooking video. Turkey is not easy to find in Korea (foreigners craving a turkey for Thanksgiving usually have to resort to the “black market” to find them–unless they live on an US Army base or they’re close buddies with a soldier). Many Koreans have never heard of it and most have never cooked with it. Which means it was the perfect ingredient to use in my followup cooking video. I wanted to introduce Koreans to turkey by putting into a simple dish that many Koreans grew up eating.

This YouTube video was also a turning point in my relationship with my small audience. Some thought I bore a resemblance to Jodie Foster or Rachel Dratch (formerly of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock) , which brought a smile to my face. I had a friend during my freshman year of college who insisted that I looked so much like Jodie Foster that he was going to submit my name to the college newspaper to try to publicize that “fact” for the entire campus to see and decide for themselves. I dissuaded him from that idea but it was tough.

If one looks closely at the ingredients in the video, it’s apparent to the trained eye that I am not using Korean short grain rice in this video. I substituted Basmati rice in this recipe. Why? Because it has a lower glycemic index than most other types of rice.

Another note about the ingredients in this video. I used Kings brand kimchi in this recipe. It’s vegetarian and is now commonly sold in grocery stores all over the USA including Safeway, Raleys and SuperWalmart. Someone asked me if the kimchi was “washed out” but that’s the way it looks coming out of the bottle. I did not rinse it off.

This recipe was also the subject of a blog by a guy named Martin Aquino. He decided to make his own bokkeumbap, except he replaced the turkey with spicy sausage. Check out his blog and see the results of his efforts.

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