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Posted by on Aug 20, 2009 in Commentary | 0 comments

Behind the ‘Innovations With Kimchi’ video

Behind the ‘Innovations With Kimchi’ video

Tamar tries her hand at lip-synching

I had thought of making this entire video as slide-show with voice-over, which is the format of two-thirds of the video. That would have been a quick way of introducing several meal ideas in which replacing sauerkraut with kimchi could create a healthy, tasty and unique meal. I designed the slides and wrote the script.

Once my husband, the videographer, got his hands on the idea, he inserted various video clips to spice it up a bit.

The last part of the video was the first recipe we ever filmed on location. Because we didn’t have to cook anything, we asked a nearby grocer — The Green Grocer in Windsor, Calif. — couple if we could take up a small amount of space in their dining area to film the video.

There’s a videography lesson in this video as well. We were experimenting with a totally new audio system — an Audio-Technica lapel microphone powered by a ART Studio Series USB tube preamplifier and fed by USB to a MacBook. We used a digital voice recorder and matching cheap lapel mic used in earlier videos. All the audio was recorded in the grocery store where I introduce myself and explain the steps of the recipe.

I repeated the recipe three times. (Notice at 2:21 there are two sandwiches on the plate, and I’m making a third sandwich.) The preamp was supposed to be plug-and-play — no USB drivers needed — but the interface wasn’t talking to the computer properly, creating static-filled audio tracks after a few seconds of great sound. After two times through the recipe with garbled sound, we decided to shoot the third take with just tight shots of my hands or not showing my face.

Yet my thankfulness for the ability to record voice-overs soon became challenged. For all that work, we had three sandwiches but no usable audio. I ended up having to overdub the introduction of the in-store segment and ending. Imagine trying to lip-synch to yourself; there were many, many takes. I don’t know how Milli Vanilli did it so well.

The other reason I made three sandwiches is my father-in-law was also supervising behind the scenes. This was the first time he was able to watch a production shoot from beginning to end. Usually, he avoids his own kitchen for three to four hours while we record video and voice-overs. This was the first time he was able to see how much work goes into making a 4 minute cooking video. Now that he knows how much work goes into one of these videos, he doesn’t constantly ask us when we’re making our next one.

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