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Posted by on Aug 28, 2009 in Commentary, Korean Food | 0 comments

Chuncheon dakgalbi

Chuncheon dakgalbi

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Here is some dakgalbi I made at home recently. (Tamar1973 photo)

Chuncheon dakkalbi, spicy grilled chicken a.k.a. dakgalbi, is one of my all-time favorite Korean foods. I enjoy reading blogs about day trips to Chuncheon, a “smaller” city in northeastern South Korea.

I found the following blog post as I was surfing away a minor illness. (No, not the swine flu.) “Chuncheon Dalk Galbi” was written by a Filipina who is married to a Korean man and currently lives in Korea. She wrote,

My husband’s family is a notorious “food tripper” — as in we’d spend hours driving to a city known for its specialty food even if we could get it in Seoul (pretty much every city’s specialty is available in the capital).

In other words, they are willing to take the time and effort and go a little out of their way for the “real thing” rather than simply finding an equivalent in Seoul. I love this family already. They drove from Seoul to Chuncheon (a one-hour drive) just for some dakkalbi. Why?

Dalk kalbi is one of my favorite Korean dishes. … What’s in it? Pieces of chicken, spicy sauce, rice cake, cabbage, sweet potato, green onions. Rice cake and sweet potato? Strange isn’t it but it’s really good!

Actually, there’s nothing strange about it at all. There’s a reason that Koreans are willing to drive at least two hours one way to Chuncheon just for dakgalbi. It’s really, really good.

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