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Posted by on Aug 1, 2009 in Commentary | 6 comments

Environmentally friendly travel: Carry your own chopsticks

Environmentally friendly travel: Carry your own chopsticks

The issue of disposable chopsticks became a huge topic of discussion in “green” circles leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympic games in Beijing. Environmentalists and their media cheerleaders in countries such as China, Taiwan and Japan pushed restaurants to stop providing disposable chopsticks for their clients to reduce waste.

Many restaurants in Taipei and other large Asian cities have stopped offering chopsticks or utensils of any kind in an effort to “reduce their carbon footprint.” What is a hungry traveler supposed to do when faced with a steaming hot bowl of udon? Eat it with your fingers?

The Boy Scouts motto is, “Always be prepared.” So be prepared for your next trip to Asia by carrying your own chopsticks. You can find many different styles on the internet on sites such as eBay, Etsy, YesAsia, etc. The most environmentally friendly kind are made of bamboo, which are strong enough to be reusable but are made from a fast-growing plant and are biodegradable when they no longer serve their purpose.


  1. I understand the principle, but that would make life very hard indeed for the untutored traveller.<br /><br />I visited France a few years ago, where they don&#39;t provide bags at the supermarket for similar reasons. We bought a whole week&#39;s worth of food, had to pack it back in the trolley and then loose into the back of the car.<br /><br />I bought some re-usable bags after that.

  2. Well, now you&#39;ve tutored me on what to pack before going to France: reusable grocery bags! : )

  3. Good idea. I bought packs of souvenir chopsticks while visiting Seoul last year so now I have more reason to tell my friends what to do with those gifts.^___^ v

  4. Definitely a good idea. The Amazon Rainforest has slowly diminished because of the production of disposable chopsticks. Now vast portions of it are experiencing desertification. Very sad.<br /><br />-Antonia Noel<br /> speaking on behalf of the earth

  5. Thanks for this tip. You can visit our blog too if you want to read informative articles regarding Eco friendly tableware.

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