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Posted by on Aug 4, 2009 in Korean Food | 0 comments

Korean gov’t releases English translation of Korean foods

Korean gov’t releases English translation of Korean foods

According to the Korea Herald, the Korean Tourism Organization has published a booklet to assist Korean restaurant owners in developing accurate English (as well as Japanese and Chinese) translations of their menu items. It also provides tips on giving their staff basic foreign language training so they can explain the menu items to their customers.

This booklet is just one part of the Korean government’s efforts to promote Korean culinary tradition worldwide (besides appointing Stephen Colbert’s arch-nemesis Rain as their Korean food ambassador). A lot of people come to Korea for the food. I wonder how many come to Korea to read and photograph the humorous konglish menus?

The Korea Herald article says,

The KTO has been operating a center dedicated to improving foreign language signs and information across the country, for a more uniform and correct use of foreign languages. The center also provides free translation and proofreading services to municipalities, public organizations and restaurants.

Well, if the KTO’s plan works out, Korean restaurant menus will be more accurate but far less entertaining.

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