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Posted by on Aug 21, 2009 in Korean Food | 0 comments

Seoul Eats: Talking about Seoul Food

Seoul Eats: Talking about Seoul Food

Seoul Eats is one of my favorite ex-pat blogs out of South Korea. I’m not the only fan apparently, because it was featured in an article published in the Korea Times a few weeks ago. I discussed the article in this blog post and highlighted one of the Seoul Eats articles in my review.

How would you describe Seoul Eats? Well here’s how the owner of the site describes it.

Seoul Eats has a team of writers devoted to bringing you news about food in Korea. We bring you interesting food tidbits, restaurant reviews, and random tomfoolery.

I featured Seoul Eats in my review because the Korea Times article did not post a photo of the Seoul Eats blog, devoting photo space instead to the other two blogs in the article, Zen Kimchi and Fat Man Seoul.

I also like that Seoul Eats did not start out as a foodie blog; it evolved into one. If you dig through the earlier blog posts, you will discover a couple of different trains of thought. Some posts describe the problems and travails common to many ex-pats who travel to Korea to teach ESL in either a school or hagwon (institute) setting. Common themes were classroom struggles, difficulties with squat-style toilets and culture shock.

The other train of thought that popped up from time to time were about the more personal struggles of a Korean adoptee returning to Korea to try to find the birth family he barely remembered. (As an non-Korean adoptee myself, I understand this a little bit.) It’s a struggle to figure out how you fit into the future when you don’t know much about your past. It’s even worse when the parts of your past you do remember consist of occasional alcoholic rages, beatings (or watching other people getting beat up), and random memories of food (which is one thing we both have in common).

But soon, the blog emphasis changed from a personal travel log to food blog. He started talking more often about food and less often about other aspects of Korean culture (or his own personal life). Voila, a food blog! Then he found other foodies to help fill space with restaurant reviews, photos, etc., and a Seoul-oriented food blog was born.

You also have to love a blog that makes use of the comic-book style to make foodi-licious food stories. Below is an example of his comicbook-style food blogging. (I might use that sometime.)

Even though Seoul Eats and Beyond Koreafornian Cooking cover a lot of the same material, so far we have not found ourselves writing “me too” blogs about a particular article, restaurant or chef. The Korean food/fusion scene is large enough for both of us to find “interesting food tidbits” yet retain our own original voices.

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