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  1. A little bird told me that the Scots may not like the idea of them being called Scotch but Alex and I find this amusing.<br />They probably meant it that way 😉 Cheers!

  2. I&#39;m part Scots myself (and I don&#39;t drink Scotch, LOL!)

  3. Are you?? That&#39;s interesting.. Have you been to Scotland? It&#39;s our next destination next year, can&#39;t wait ;-).

  4. I&#39;ve never been to Europe. I have a great-aunt who went to Scotland about 20-25 years ago to do some ancestral research in Glasgow (and Edinburgh too)but I&#39;ve never been there. <br />For you it&#39;s just an easy drive. For me, it would be a intercontinental flight.

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