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Posted by on Sep 30, 2009 in Commentary | 2 comments

Compact magnetic spice rack for your fridge

Compact magnetic spice rack for your fridge

My collection of GneissSpice jars, attached via the magnetic lids to my refrigerator door.

Many Korean kitchens are really small, especially in Seoul. Kitchen storage space is very precious.

I found a shop on that offers a decorative yet functional solution to that dilemma. GneissSpice is based in Brooklyn, N.Y., and specializes in kitchen and bathroom space savers, as well as gift sets.

The shop offers spice sets for Moroccan, Mexican or Thai cooking. Because I love Korean food, I requested a custom set of Korean spice jars, labeled for gochugaru (red pepper powder), curry powder, garlic flakes, ginger powder, mugwort, onion flakes, black pepper, sea salt, white sesame seeds and black sesame seeds. You could also add white pepper. I filled them with my own spices after I received the bottles in the mail.

If you are requesting a custom herb and spice blend, simply pick your choices at checkout. All of the herbs and spices on the GneissSpice site are organic. The magnets inside the lids are surprisingly strong and is able to hold my heavy sea salt on the fridge securely.


  1. I had no clue you can get spices on ETSY!Thats cool!

  2. Nice find! I don't mind getting one of these at all. Thanks for sharing.

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