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Posted by on Sep 15, 2009 in Korean Food | 2 comments

Inspiration for the Korean potato salad video

Inspiration for the Korean potato salad video

When I make a YouTube video, the food is the most important ingredient. That’s one of the reasons I take so long between videos. I’m always working on recipes, perfecting them until I am ready to present them to the world.

Then I write the script, determining camera angles, scenes, etc. One of the last things I think about is clothing. However, just before I’m ready to shoot a video, clothing does become an issue — not to wear the same thing twice. It’s a woman thing.

I want the food to be the star of my videos, not my hair, not my clothes. But I never know what part is going to catch the viewer until I start getting feedback, which starts pretty quickly after the posting of a video. Sometimes, within 10 minutes a comment will pop up.

This video is the perfect example. For the Korean potato salad video, most of the comments were about my shirt rather than the food. The Korean interjection on the shirt — 짱 jjang, for “awesome!” — prompted random comments of “짱!” on the video and the channel page. Quite frankly, I believe the five-star rating for that video has more to do with the T-shirt than the food. Thanks,!


  1. Well it is a nice shirt, but i have to admit i am more interested in the recipe! Have you ever thought about doing one of those close up videos where they just film the hands?

  2. I've thought about it but it makes the video to impersonal, IMO.

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