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Posted by on Sep 26, 2009 in Korean Food | 3 comments

Sept. 26 is National Pancake Day

Pancakes are one of those bread-like recipes you can find in nearly every cultural tradition. American and European style pancakes are usually on the sweet side, with abundant use of sugar, syrup, cheese, etc. The batter also usually includes either regular milk or buttermilk. They are usually served with either jam, jelly, or a sugar syrup for dipping. Even though they are eaten for breakfast, they would probably be better suited for dessert.

Korean pancakes are usually savory affairs (except for a couple of sweet versions such as hoddeok). There are many different kinds of Korean pancakes, including jeon (also spelled jun or chon), buchimgae, jijimgae or jijim. Korean pancakes are served as appetizers, banchan or anju (side dishes eaten with alcoholic beverages). Before pizza became a popular food in its own right, people would commonly refer to Korean pancakes as “Korean pizza.”

The basic ingredients in Korean pancake batter include wheat flour, rice flour, egg and water. No milk should ever be used to make Korean pancakes. They are filled with various vegetables, meats, fish and kimchi. Soy sauce– or gochujang– (spicy red pepper paste) based dipping sauces commonly accompany Korean pancakes.

Here are a few of my favorite Korean pancake recipes by name.

  • Kimchijeon (김치전), made with kimchi
  • Pajeon (파전), made with green onions
  • Gamjajeon (감자전), made with grated potato
  • Pyogojeon (표고전), made with shiitake mushrooms and beef

The recipe I have posted here from Aeris Kitchen’s YouTube site is a recipe for buchujeon (부추전), which is made with garlic chives.


  1. what? there is such a day? that's awesome! we should totally celebrate korean pancake day! yeahhhh! 🙂 okay, I'm hungry again.

  2. I wish it was Korean pancake day!

  3. never heard of pyogojeon. it sounds awesome.

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