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Posted by on Oct 16, 2009 in Ingredients, Korean Food, Product Reviews, Reviews | 4 comments

Bokbunjajoo Korean wild raspberry wine tutorial

Bokbunjajoo Korean wild raspberry wine tutorial

This is the review of Bokbunjajoo I wrote for Snooth, which is a simple tutorial of what bokbunjajoo is, rather than a tasting of a specific wine.

Bokbunjajoo Korean Raspberry Wine (SnoothRank: 3.5/5 Tamar’s Rank: 4/5)
(October 2009)
According Korean tradition Bokbunja gets its name thanks to a monk who found his chamber pot turned over after eating the wild raspberries. Bok(覆) means turning over, Bun(盆) means chamber pot and Ja(子) means man. Bokbunjajoo is the wine made from the bokbunja berry.
The wine produced by these berries is a very deep red with an average of 15-19% alcohol There are two main producers of bokbunja in Korea that I am acquainted with.

Bohae, which is based in Jansung, Cholla Province, South Korea, which is at the southwest end of the peninsula. Bohae’s award winning Bokbunjajoo was the featured liqueur at the APEC 2005’s official dinner party and the 2006 Gwangju Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.

The other is Jeju Bokbunjajoo, which is made by Hanbackdang Company. Jeju Island, which is off the southwest coast of the Korean peninsula has a “terrior” similar to Hawaii since it is a volcanic island. It is perfectly suited for mixing in cocktails as well as “on the rocks”.


  1. Just wondering if you&#39;ve got any personal wine recipes you could share. I&#39;ve got a new harvested grapes but don&#39;t sure if I&#39;ll follow the previous recipe I used since it didn&#39;t work quite well. ;-(<br />cheers.<br />Hyds

  2. Wine is a difficult and consuming process and only works with certain varieties of grapes. The type of grapes they usually sell at the grocery store are not well suited for wine.

  3. Cheers! the grapes I&#39;ve got is Huxelrebe…agree. It&#39;s a waste though if I don&#39;t use them. πŸ˜‰ but will keep looking. tnx

  4. Oh boy, what a name !<br />Don&#39;t want to think about the name when tasting it πŸ™‚

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