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Posted by on Oct 29, 2009 in Commentary | 7 comments

Celebrating my 100th post

Celebrating my 100th post

In the blogsphere, writing your 100th blog post is considered a milestone. Whether it takes you 3 months or 3 years to reach 100 posts, it’s considered an accomplishment.
Readers start to believe you’re in this for the longer term and take you (and what you have to say) a little more seriously.

I started writing a list of 100 random Korean food facts, but I got tired after reaching 56 or so and unceremoniously deleted the entire post. Since most of the blog postings here are about Korean food, I felt most of it would be repeats of information I have already written. I didn’t want to simply re-tread something I had already written before.

I am happy that I have reached this milestone and I hope to reach many more with my readers. 


  1. YUM! A korean food blog, love it! (I found your blog in the Etsy forums!)

  2. Congratulations on your 100 posts!<br /><br />I just found your blog through the Etsy forums. Now I seriously need to go look at some of your recipes!

  3. Dear tamar, <br /><br />Congratulations on your 100th post, it&#39;s indeed an achievement! I don&#39;t know if you feel this way, but there were so many ideas and topics that we have in mind in the beginning, words just fly out of our fingers. <br /><br />How cute that you put Yong Joon on the $100 bill, I think it&#39;s worth more than its face value now. Please keep up the good work, all the

  4. Yeah, Jamie. I have so many ideas for possible future blogs in my drafts folder. It&#39;s where I store all my ideas.

  5. 축하 on your 100th, I know how you feel when I posted my 100th recipe. Keep on posting until the 200th, then the 300th, etc…

  6. I don&#39;t really post a lot of recipes here. I save most of those for my youtube channel.

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