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Posted by on Oct 23, 2009 in Commentary | 2 comments

Green tea extracts may slow smokers’ lung damage

Green tea extracts may slow smokers’ lung damage

A new study suggests that daily consumption of a green tea extract from Lung Chen tea may slow the damage of cigarette smoke in the lungs. The animal-based study, led by Judith Mak from The University of Hong Kong, was just published in the journal Respiratory Medicine.

What was the cause of the tea’s success?

“The precise mechanisms of the protective role of green tea against cigarette smoking-induced lung injury are currently unclear,” explained the researchers. “Lung Chen tea contains the largest amount of EGCG when compared with other Chinese teas and EGCG has the highest antioxidant capacity among different catechins and dietary compounds such as vitamins C, E and black tea.”

Lung Chen tea, also called Long Jing or dragonwell, is grown in Hangzhou along the Yantze river in Zhejiang province of southern China. It’s pan-fried instead of steamed and expensive.

It appears unlikely black or Oolong tea perform as well.

Green tea contains between 30 and 40 per cent of water-extractable polyphenols, while black tea (green tea that has been oxidized by fermentation) contains between 3 and 10 per cent. Oolong tea is semi-fermented tea and is somewhere between green and black tea.

Is this a license to smoke like a chimney and expect to prevent cancer or COPD? No. However, this information may come in handy for those who are exposed to a lot of second-hand smoke, such as restaurant and bar staff members. Most people want to live long enough to see their children and grandchildren grow up and succeed in life.

For more information on the parameters of the study and it’s possible implications, go to “Green tea extracts may slow smokers’ lung damage.”

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  1. Hi Tamar, you have a very very interesting blog here. So, are you still staying in Korea right now? I love to watch Korean drama series. The actor & actresses are so pretty. Well, I love to watch almost everything…ha ha! Frankly, I'm really appreaciate that you made this posting. My hubby is a heavy smoker. Yeah, we did drank a lot of chinese tea, wheat grass and many more…but not

  2. I&#39;m not living in Korea right now. I live in Northern California. <br />As you can see from my blog, I am a fan of Bae Yong Joon but I do like other K-drama besides his. BYJ is a smoker so I hope someone sends him this blog.

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