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Posted by on Oct 15, 2009 in Korean Food | 0 comments

INSIDE JoongAng Daily: Food producers use more Korean-grown produce

Korean food manufactors are looking closer to home for ingredients to make their signature dishes for the Korean market. The JoongAng Daily article focuses on CJ Cheiljedang, the nation’s biggest food processor, which is switching from using Australian beef to flavor their Dashida to Korean hanwoo.

Worldwide consumer confidence in Chinese food products caused people to look much more closely at the country of origin labels then they may have in times past. When I read in the JoongAng Daily on February 16, 2008 that Koreans were importing kimchi from China, I suspected there would eventually be a backlash by Korean consumers. Although the article tries to paint this as a purely economic or patriotic move, I suspect that this is an example of the long term ramifications of the Chinese melamine scare back in 2008. Koreans want Korean food to come from Korea.

For more information, to go Food producers use more Korean-grown produce – INSIDE JoongAng Daily

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