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Posted by on Oct 19, 2009 in Korean Food | 0 comments

Kimchi in the news: Kimchi Love Festival

Kimchi in the news: Kimchi Love Festival

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Notice the dancing daikon radish and Nappa cabbage greeting visitors at the Love Kimchi Festival 2008.

The Seoul Museum of History is hosting the Love Kimchi Festival on Oct. 24-25, 2009. This year’s theme is “Design With Luxury Kimchi.” I’m guessing the emphasis will be on the kind of kimchi common during the Joseon (Chosun) dynasty period (1392–1910), which were usually flavorful but not spicy. I also noticed that the itinerary showed a seminar creating forms of kimchi using more expensive items, such as abalone and mushrooms.
The work kimchi in Korean means “pickle” and there are over 200 different varieties of kimchi made from many different kinds of vegetables, including nappa cabbage, daikon radish, as well as turnips, scallions, cucumbers, kkaenip (sesame leaves) . 

There will be different seminars and hands-on participation options, including kimchi-making classes open to all, kimchi creation contests for chefs and expert cooks, and buffets for people to try out various kimchis from all the provinces of Korea.

Admission is free, but the education is priceless.

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