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Posted by on Oct 5, 2009 in Commentary | 3 comments

Meet Mi-sook: Substitute blogger

Meet Mi-sook: Substitute blogger

I’m on vacation Oct. 5–12. So, while I’m away, I had to find a suitable substitute blogger to keep you entertained and educated.

Meet Mi-sook (“pretty girl” in Korean). She is 9 years old, and her favorite hobbies are sleeping, jumping on top of bookcases and howling at the neighbor’s dogs when they get overly vocal.

She weighs 10.6 lbs and had a benign basal cell tumor removed from her back on Aug. 18. She was so brave and handled the surgery very well, and her recovery was flawless.

What is her food expertise? It’s limited to Nutro Senior cat food and occasional bonito flakes and catnip. The only “real food” she enjoys is an occasional piece of string cheese.

She’ll be home, and family members will be checking in on her every day — maybe twice a day — to make sure she’s happy, well-fed and has a clean litter box.

What she lacks in culinary expertise, she can make up in cuteness and a desire to please (so her guardians don’t put her in a kennel the next time they take a vacation).


  1. I am sure she will enjoying using the computer, especially the mouse! lol.

  2. Careful of all your mice…you might end up miceless when you get back home…miaow ^^<br /><br />Have a blast !

  3. My cat gets more traffic than I do? LOL!

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