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Posted by on Oct 10, 2009 in Commentary | 0 comments

Mi-sook recommends: ‘I [Love] Korean Dramas’ apron

Mi-sook recommends: ‘I [Love] Korean Dramas’ apron

How can you keep your regular clothes clean and make a statement at the same time? Well, unless your fur coat is self-cleaning (like mine), the best thing to do is wear an apron. But if you’re making food for a public event, you can’t be seen in a boring, plain apron, can you?

Any self-respecting cook, especially cooks who make cooking videos or TV shows, has to have an apron that makes a bold statement.The boldest statement is simple yet truly expressive of the heart.

Anthony Storr said,

Originality implies being bold enough to go beyond accepted norms.

One of the best places to find bold statement aprons is on My guardian wore her “I [Love] Korean Dramas” apron in two different videos. (I thought humans didn’t like to be seen in the same outfit twice. Doesn’t stop me though. I’m always fashionable in my black and white natural fur coat.) It tells you something about her, doesn’t it?

Check out the aprons here:

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Sook Can Cook

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