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Posted by on Oct 8, 2009 in Commentary | 2 comments

Mi-sook recommends: Scoville Scale

Mi-sook recommends: Scoville Scale

How how is hot? The scientific definition is called the scoville scale. The scoville scale measures the hotness of a chili pepper based the amount of capsaicin it contains.

The scale goes from 0 (bell pepper) to 16 million (pure capscasin) scoville units.  So, how do the most well know pepper varieties stack up to each other?

One of the most comprehensive lists can be found at It has a comprehensive list of the most frequently used peppers in the culinary world as well as the most popular salsas and hot sauces so you can find just the right pepper, salsa or sauce for your favorite recipes.

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  1. I love eating from the top of the scoville scale! Hot baby! Thanks for this post!

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