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Posted by on Oct 26, 2009 in Ingredients | 4 comments

World Pasta Day

World Pasta Day

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Warning: Eating too much of the wrong pasta can make your butt this wide!

People all over the world enjoy a good celebration. If there’s no legitimate historical or religious event to celebrate, we just make up holidays for anything and everything. Here’s an example: October 26th is World Pasta Day, which is supposed to be

…an international celebration of pasta as a global food, consumed all over the world in varying cuisines. World Pasta Day 2009’s focus will be “Pasta Meals on Every Family Table.”

Most historians now believe that Caucasian traders in Western China invented pasta over 3000 years ago. From these Caucasian settlements in Western China, the noodle spread all along what many historians call “The Silk Road”. The Italians, who are known the world over for their 300+ shapes of pasta, inherited the know-how for pasta from the Arabs who conquered Sicily in 965 A.D.

According to the National Pasta Association, America manufactures more pasta than any other country in the world—more than five billion pounds a year. Most Americans don’t need an excuse to eat pasta since the average American eats 20 pounds of pasta a year (the Italians eat 3 times that amount annually). Pasta is not an ingredient starving for attention in American pantries (or our ever expanding waistlines).

However, if you are going to eat pasta today (or any day), I recommend Dreamfields pasta. It has a much lower glycemic index than traditional pasta (Dreamfields GI=13; traditional pasta GI=38) and more fiber as well. This means that it releases its glucose into a person’s system at slower rate so the body does not suffer from a spike in insulin production and then a crash afterward. Moderating proper insulin levels is an important part of maintaining one’s weight or losing weight.

This is the only pasta in my pantry. I used it in my Chuncheon Alfredo and Kkaenip Pesto videos. You will see it in any pasta videos I made create in the future as well.


  1. I think it is about moderation, you could eat Pasta every day without gaining weight. It depends how much of it, and with what you serve it.

  2. I didn't know you could go wrong with pasta oopps.Then again same with everything. cheers! Love them with pesto.

  3. I&#39;m getting there….I&#39;m getting there..<br />I LOVE pasta <br />Keep your arms open YJ-ssi dear !<br /><br />Hmm pasta&#39;s not the only culprit, I have to be suspicious of every carb I eat…sob sob.

  4. I try to avoid carbs as much as possible, too. Remember when BYJ was working on The Image Vol. 1 and developing his body builder body? He avoided all carbs (except vegetables). IIRC, he was eating chicken breast w/ broccoli 3 meals/day.

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