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Posted by on Nov 27, 2009 in Korean Food, Recipes | 4 comments

Bulgogi: a meal fit for an American President

Bulgogi: a meal fit for an American President

South Korean media outlets reported that South Korean First Lady Kim Yoon-ok agonized so much over what Korean foods to serve US President Barack Obama that she asked Korean drama star and restaurateur Bae Yong Joon for advise on how to impress the President with the beauty of Korea’s cuisine.

The JoongAng Daily revealed the menu that First Lady Kim served to Pres. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during their recent state visit to South Korea.

The main courses were: fresh seafood and ginseng served in mustard sauce; sinseollo (a hot pot with seafood and vegetables); bulgogi (marinated beef) made with hanwoo (Korean beef from Andong, North Gyeongsang); barbecued beef made with U.S. beef; bibimbap (mixed rice and vegetables) and bukeo dubu tang (dried pollack and tofu soup).

These were accompanied by six side dishes: kimchi, mulkimchi (water kimchi); spinach; tangpyungchae (seasoned herb with mung bean starch jelly); beef jangjorim (beef brisket marinated and pickled in sweet soy sauce and ginger); and fried kelp.

Dessert included pears, soft persimmons, peanut ice cream and green tea from Boseong, South Jeolla.

Apparently the bulgogi, spinach salad and peanut ice cream were quite popular with the US entourage. So popular, the JoongAng Daily published the presidential bulgogi recipe, which I posted here.

Lest Michelle Obama feel left out, First Lady Kim sent her counterpart a cookbook titled “A Book of Korean Recipes” compiled by the Institute of Traditional Korean Food.

For more information about the prep work that went into Pres. Obama’s Korean meal, go to: A Korean meal for two world leaders – INSIDE JoongAng Daily

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  1. Mmm, bulgogi. I love that stuff. I think my favorite Korean dish would have to be kalbi though. It's just so good marinated, and grilled and charred.

  2. I can make both but I've done a youtube video making kalbi so I'm partial to kalbi, too.

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