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Posted by on Nov 4, 2009 in Commentary | 3 comments

Chuncheon-style Kimchi Pizza 2nd Anniversary

Chuncheon-style Kimchi Pizza 2nd Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of posting my Chuncheon-style Kimchi Pizza video, which started my public culinary journey.

I’m still curious what the city fathers of Chuncheon think about a Google search for “Chuncheon” bringing up this video on the first page. That might explain why the video has over 43,000 hits, which is 10,000-plus more than my second most popular video.

I’m looking forward to another year of making more YouTube cooking videos, as well as posting blogs about the increasing popularity of Korean food and culture on America’s culinary scene.


  1. congrats! btw, this video is awesome. as matter of fact, I'm gonna host "make your own pizza" party tomorrow. This sounds like an appropriate recipe 😉 thanx!

  2. Wow! You have an amazing Korean cooking site. I love your content so much that I added your RSS feed to the food section of our Korean news aggregator. <br /><br />BTW – That pizza looks good!

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