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Posted by on Nov 18, 2009 in Commentary | 0 comments

Sonoma County wheat?!

Sonoma County wheat?!

I was walking through Raley’s bread aisle (a rare visit for me) and found their Sonoma 100% Stone Ground Wheat Bread staring back at me on the shelf.

I know advertisers and marketers are given a lot of leeway in terms of “truth in advertising” but this takes the cake.

Sonoma County produces less than a million bushels of wheat per season, according to Office of the Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner yet this store label boldly reads Sonoma 100% ground wheat bread? It this a limited production, boutique bread? No.

However, thanks to books like The Sonoma Diet, which emphasizes the Mediterranean and Asian influenced  food culture of this region, people are starting to think Sonoma County is synonymous with healthy eating, but we have just as many Carl’s Jr, Burger King’s and McDonald’s restaurants as any other region of the United States.

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