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Posted by on Dec 8, 2009 in Korean Food | 1 comment

Chacko’s Kitchen discovers ‘Korean Potato Salad’

Chacko’s Kitchen discovers ‘Korean Potato Salad’

Chacko’s Kitchen posted a blog featuring “The 30 Best Recipes I Discovered in 2009.” Such an ambitious, bold and audacious list has to have a pithy caveat. 

This list of 30 recipes, is by no means exhaustive.

It may not be exhaustive, but a list this comprehensive certainly took a lot of research time (especially since blogging doesn’t usually pay well).

This list starts with the simple yet delicious roasted garlic and evolves into an eclectic list of recipes from all over the world, including Scotland, Italy, China, Morocco, Korea and everywhere in between.

Korean potato salad by yours truly was featured as recipe No. 20:

20. Korean Fornian Cooking. Tammy has nearly got 1100 subscribers on her YouTube channel, and this is the inspiration behind her blog. Korean Potato Salad is a fusion recipe which uses Mayonnaise as a base, and is a fusion of North German and American style salad adapted by Koreans.

Please check out this blog post and see what awesome recipes I competed with to make this list.

1 Comment

  1. hi tamar, <br />thanks so your so much for te links that you have given my site. thanks you once again<br />love<br />abraham

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