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Posted by on Dec 20, 2009 in Korean Food | 2 comments

Gochujang coming to a grocery store near you?

Gochujang coming to a grocery store near you?

The Marmot’s Hole posted a blog about a story picked up from the Korean Herald. He raises a skeptical eyebrow at the prospects of the forthcoming Annie Chun’s gochujang sauce.

It appears CJ thinks America is ready for gochujang, but I’m not so sure that America is ready for gochujang. Again, you can’t make this stuff up.

It’s so new it’s not even listed on the Annie Chun website yet.

The Marmot’s skepticism about the American market for gochujang is misplaced, in my opinion. Every time I post a new cooking video, I am questioned about where to obtain the ingredients. The vast majority of the ingredients such as garlic, sesame seed oil, soy sauce and sesame seeds are readily available in most US grocery stores. Gochujang is the exception.  I usually have to refer them to their local Korean grocery store or advise them to buy the ingredients online from Hmart or Koamart.

It was just a matter of time before someone realized there was a market for Americanized gochujang and the Annie Chun distribution market is probably the perfect avenue to getting gochujang into American mega grocery store chains.

Korean cuisine is the hot, trendy, hip “new kid on the block” in the food world. This trend has been capitalized upon by various American media outlets including FastCasualGourmet Magazine and Oprah Magazine. Even AARP featured a recipe for Korean Beef Stir-fry. I think CJ Corporation and their alliance with Annie Chun is simply striking while the iron’s hot.


  1. The squeeze top bottle to me is misleading…that can't be normal gochujang. Is it an americanized version? I think Americans would like it. They all look for that srisri indian pepper sauce or whatever it's name is!

  2. Annie Chun's "gochujang" is more closely related to bibimbapjang. It's sweeter and thinner than regular gochujang.

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