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Posted by on Dec 31, 2009 in Commentary | 1 comment

Koreafornian Cooking in 2009

Koreafornian Cooking in 2009

I wanted to take the time to do a quick wrap up of my 2009 food adventures, including my YouTube videos, the debut of this blog and some of my favorite and most talked-about posts.


I didn’t make a single cooking video during the first four months of 2009. Just way too busy. After my husband and I bought a real video camera, rather than a still camera with a video mode, we thought we would be making more videos more often. That was the idea.


Spring was about to make way for summer when we posted my video recipe for Korean Potato Salad. We didn’t have this blog up at that time, but in September, I posted some insider information about the video production.


No videos or blog posts in June. My husband kept trying to convince me I really needed a blog to complement my YouTube presentation. We recorded the Curry Deviled Egg video on June 14.


The Curry Deviled Egg video debuted on YouTube on July 5.

On July 11, the Beyond Koreanfornian Cooking blog debuted with an article about the first YouTube cooking video I ever made. The reason d’etre of this blog is to give tips and advise about making the videos by reviewing the filming process of each of the videos to document triumphs and errors. Because I only make a video every couple of months or so, I added content about Korean food and culture that goes beyond the YouTube videos to try to make this blog a viable source of information about Korean food, culture and fusion cooking.

I had catching up to do with the blog. I had been making YouTube videos for more than a year before the blog debuted, so I made posts about four of my prior videos. 

July 12 brought the scoop on the Curry Deviled Eggs video. I also posted some of the production secrets of my Kalbi video, the insider scoop on the Turkey Kimchi Fried Rice video and the drama behind the Chuncheon Wings video.

I think the strangest new story of July 2009 was the Los Angeles Times article about the debut of freeze-dried kimchi, not for the astronaut market but targeted for your local supermarket.


We posted another cooking video, this time on Kkaenip Pesto. It debuted about six weeks after the prior video for Curry Deviled Eggs. It seems we were on a roll.

I also continued my mission of catching people up on how my older videos were produced. This time, I dished on my Innovations with Kimchi video, which includes a recipe for the Kimchi Reuben Sandwich.

Foodbuzz also featured my Gingered Pear Sauce recipe on the front page of their blog. I liked the recipe so much, I assumed it could stand on its own. The recipe debuted as a three the price of one bonus in my Korean Latke video.


We recorded my video interview with chef Hector Marroquin of Napa Valley Chef Catering Co. on Sept. 13.

ZenKimchi Korean Food Journal featured my Kkaenip pesto video. I also gave away the behind the scenes of filming this video too.


October was a difficult month for me, but you wouldn’t know it based on how many posts went up. The first week of October, my husband and I were on vacation. The second week, we got the flu.

I also wrote my first collaboration blog article with SeoulEats. In it, I reviewed Costo Wholesale’s Korean food offerings.

My cat Mi-sook made her debut as my guest blogger while we were on vacation. She was a hit, and at least one reader was disappointed when she had to give me the blog back.

I posted the tips and secrets of the Chuncheon Alfredo video, including the source of the shirt I wore. At this point, I’m caught up with the production information on all the videos made prior to the debut of the blog except one, which I saved for last.

We recorded the Soju Pasta Sauce video on Oct. 25.


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Dakkalbi curry soju sauce with spaghetti

President Obama visited Korea in November. The JoongAng Daily posted the bulgogi recipe Obama ate during his state visit.  

I posted the secrets of the video interview with Chef Marroquin.

A surprise-me dinner moment turned into the recipe for Dakkalbi Curry Soju Spaghetti Sauce. This post got the highest number of comments of any post I made this year.


This was the month of the Korean latke, which is an appropriate recipe for celebration of Hanukkah, which this year was held this month. I posted the video production secrets for this video on Dec. 11, the first day of Hanukkah. By Dec. 16, discovered the recipe and posted the latke video on its blog as well.

However, even thought my Korean latkes took most of my spotlight in December, my Korean Potato Salad recipe was also noticed by Chako’s Kitchen  in his list of the 30 best recipes of 2009

Last, but not least, I made my debut as a contributor to ZenKimchi Korean Food Journal on New Years’ Eve with my recipe for Kimchi Stuffing.

I hope everyone had a good 2009. Let’s pray that 2010 is even better.

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  1. Tamar1973,<br />Hi, girl. Even though I can&#39;t eat a lot of spicy foods, (think migraines), these dishes look very delicious. Making me hungry, girl. I really just wanted to drop by to wish you the very best Happy New Year, and I hope you have all of the joy and prosperity life has to offer in the coming year. Love ya, Anna

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