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Posted by on Jan 25, 2010 in Korean Food | 2 comments

Bokbunjajoo Korean raspberry wine food pairing

Bokbunjajoo Korean raspberry wine food pairing

Korean raspberry wine, or bokbunjajoo in Korean, has a very “fruit-forward” tone to it that tannin-philes might dismiss as inferior to grape wines.

Let the wine snobs debate terroir (a French term connecting the physical environment where grapes are grown to quality characteristics in the resulting wine) and let the rest of us simply enjoy our food.

Bokbunja tastes wonderful with some fine chocolate. I’ve also made myself shots with 50 percent bokbunja and 50 percent chocolate vodka. Yum!

Snooth recommends matching bokbunjajoo with Vietnamese and Thai vegetarian meals (such as this recipe for Jasmine Rice with Green Onions, Peas and Lemon) or bi-valve seafoods such as clams and oysters (like this recipe for Vietnamese-style Clam Chowder).

I think it’s a little odd that Snooth doesn’t match up Korean raspberry wine with Korean food though.


  1. Gonna have to check that out… do you think they'd have some at my local Asian market, or is it something you have to order internationally?

  2. Most Korean markets sell it. There are several brands sold in the US so you could just ask your nearest Korean grocer if they stock it.

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