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Posted by on Feb 15, 2010 in Korean Culture | 0 comments

Help LiNK win $250k from Pepsi to help North Korean refugees

“…LiNK seeks to establish Liberty House, a six-month to a year transitional housing program which will provide newly arriving and recently-arrived North Korean refugees with critical assistance such as food, clothing, shelter and medical attention as well as a safe, nurturing and positive environment and community; while providing other development services (job training, career counseling, obtaining citizenship, relocation support, etc). …

Currently, there is no such facility or program in the US solely dedicated to North Korean refugees and Liberty House’s location in LA is strategic in its large Korean-American population to serve as a bridge for North Koreans to American society.
North Koreans are a uniquely vulnerable population as they cannot return to their homes in North Korea as leaving the country is considered a capital offense punishable by prison camp sentences or even execution.”

For more information about LiNK’s work, check out their website at

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