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Posted by on Mar 14, 2010 in Korean Culture | 0 comments

How I celebrated White Day

How I celebrated White Day

I still haven’t given up my day job to become a chocolatier. However, after my first custom-ordred chocolate bar, courtesy of Chocri, a German chocolate maker, turned out so well, I thought I’d try to create another Koreafornian chocolate bar, this time in honor of White Day.

White Day is celebrated in Korea as a follow-up to Valentine’s Day on February 14. In Korea and Japan, Valentine’s Day is the day for girls to give chocolate candies to the men in their lives either because of genuine love and affection or due to social obligation.

Men in Japan and Korea are supposed to reciprocate on March 14 by giving the ladies gifts of white chocolate, or other white colored items such as marshmallows.

I ordered 2 bars from Chocri this time. The only difference between this order and my prior order is I changed the base from milk chocolate to white chocolate.

Here are the ingredients: White Chocolate with Sea Salt, Pine Nuts, Cayenne Pepper, Pear and Black Sesame.

I placed my order on Feb. 17 and was told to expect it by March 10, 2010. It arrived on Friday, March 12, in plenty of time to enjoy on White Day.

Even though the ingredients are basically the same the dominant flavors have changed. In the milk chocolate version, the dried pear was the star. This time, the milder white chocolate made the sea salt and cayenne the most prominent flavors. My husband called it “salty and milky.” (Even though there’s no milk in them.)

If you want to try my recipe yourself, go to the Chocri site and type in code aso4vp. Chocri currently ships to Germany and the U.S. only. Sorry, the company still does not currently ship to South Korea.

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