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Posted by on Mar 26, 2010 in Commentary | 0 comments

Meet Kisa, my research assistant

Meet Kisa, my research assistant

Many of you enjoyed the photos of my cat Mi-Sook while I was on vacation last October. You probably didn’t know I have another cat in my house. His name is Kisa. He’s not quite as photogenic as his little sister but I can catch him in an amusing moment once in a while.

Kisa (which means “kitten” in Russian). He is 9 years old (a couple of weeks younger than Mi-sook), and his favorite hobbies are sleeping, chewing on my reusable shopping bags and purring at 100 dB when I’m trying to sleep. One of our nicknames for him is “Diesel” as in diesel engine for that reason.

What is his food expertise? It’s limited to dry cat food and filtered water for the most part. However, he is a little bit more adventurous in the food department. Once when he was a very little kitten, he jumped up on our kitchen table and decided to take a little taste of gochujang. He didn’t do that a second time. The only “real food” he enjoys is an occasional piece of string cheese or stealing homemade smoked salmon.

Do you know what Kisa’s “reading”? Korean Cuisine: A Cultural Journey by Chung Haekyung. If you’re in the USA, you can purchase it online from Seoul Selection and have it shipped straight from Seoul right to your home.

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