Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grilling like a Korean

For most Americans, their favorite Korean foods are grilled meat dishes such as kalbi and dakkalbi. The most authentic way to eat these foods is around a charcoal grill right at your table, grilling your own meat to your own taste.

I'm not recommending installing a charcoal grill in your own dining room (unless you have a really good exhaust system). If you want the next best thing, consider buying an electric skillet. Most of them have adjustable temperature controls from a "keep warm" setting all the way to 450 F. Marinade your meat and when your guests start getting hungry, set them around the skillet and let them grill their own meat with lettuce, garlic, onions and gochujang on the side to make some low-carb wraps.

If you own an electric skillet and have run out of recipes for it, go to Foodbuzz for some inspiration.

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