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Posted by on May 11, 2010 in Korean Food, Product Reviews, Reviews | 0 comments

Korean beef jerky is jjang!

Korean beef jerky is jjang!

Robert Kim of Artisan Snacks Corp. has created a Korean spin on beef jerky, calling it Go-ggi. That’s an appropriate name, resembling the Korean word for meat.

Mr. Kim’s Go-ggi has the right combination of sweet, salty and spicy one would expect from some good kalbi (grilled beef ribs) or bulgogi, (sweet, savory stewed beef). It’s also sliced thinner than most American beef jerky.

For those who might think only Americans can make beef jerky, where do you think the Native North Americans got it from? Asia, of course.

Mr. Kim was kind enough to send me a sample of his Korean beef jerky. When the package arrived, I had a taste and even shared some with my husband, in-laws and some friends who love Korean food. They all loved it.

The sample came with a condition: I must mail him my own version of Korean beef jerky. It started when I wrote to him, “When I saw the article in the NYTimes, I thought about my own Korean-style beef jerky I used to make with my food dehydrator.”

You can find it in New York City-area stores. For the rest of us, the online store is the place to go to find this tasty Korean beef jerky.

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