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Posted by on Aug 12, 2010 in Korean Culture, Korean Food, Recipes | 3 comments

Han aka “Asian like me” teaches Twigim Tempura (튀김 [天ぷら]) Recipe

Did you know Koreans had their own version of tempura? Well, now you know and after you watch this video, you’ll know how to make it and learn a little Korean along the way.

For more cooking videos, check out Han’s Asian Like Me on YouTube.


  1. He also makes it look easy to learn Korean! LOL!

  2. If you visit the Philippines I will cook for you my invented recipe inspired and named after my two Korean students ( that I treated like a daughters) Mhi Yun and Mejung. <br /><br />So, during their stay here in the Phils. as exchange students I cook for them. And I created a new recipe… &quot; Me Hyun Rice&quot;,combination of their names ( Mejung and Hyun) kkkk. <br /><br />Seems like

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