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Posted by on Sep 28, 2010 in Korean Culture | 2 comments

Confucius’ dieting tips

Confucius’ dieting tips

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Confucius ponders his place in Independence Park in San Jose, CA. Photo courtesy of Christopher Bruno via

Back in July 2010, Seoul Eats posted a quote from The Analects of Confucius, Lunyu X. 8. (248), which is called “Rules of Confucius about his food.”

Here are Confucius’ diet tips:

He did not eat his fill of polished rice, nor did he eat his fill of finely minced meat. He did not eat rice that had gone sour or fish and meat that had spoiled. He did not eat food that had gone off colour or food that had a bad smell. He did not eat food that was not properly prepared nor did he eat except at the proper times. He did not eat food that had not been properly cut up, nor did he eat unless the proper sauce was available. Even when there was plenty of meat, he avoided eating more meat than rice. Only in the case of wine did he not set himself a rigid limit. He simply never drank to the point of becoming confused. He did not consume wine or dried meat bought from a shop. Even when he did not have the side dish of ginger cleared from the table, he did not eat more than was proper. Lau [10:7]


  1. for me it sounds funny. . He starved himself?God whats wrong with him, he's crazy:(

  2. Oh come on Healy, he lived in a time before refrigeration in a land (China) where every thing was eaten. "Every thing with 4 legs except the table." He was saying stay away from things that smell nasty, look nasty or were prepared in a way that was nasty. Yet if he did break his own rule, he kept pickled ginger handy. Also to eat and drink in moderation. Now I am not a big fan of

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