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Posted by on Oct 30, 2010 in Commentary | 2 comments

Annie the Yogurt Pedaler v. Yaklut ajummas

Annie the Yogurt Pedaler v. Yaklut ajummas

Annie, aka The Yogurt Pedaler, got on a bike and rode from Chicago, Ill. to Vernon, Ohio, making homemade yogurt and giving out yogurt recipe flyers along her 300 + mile trip.

The Yogurt Pedaler is a bike-powered yogurt cart activating public spaces in Midwestern communities, inspiring connections between local farms and their neighbors, and teaching the magic of yogurt-making along the way.

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A couple of Yakult ajummas set off on their delivery routes. Photo by Adam Greenfield via flickr creative commons license.

I don’t think Seoul’s Yakult ajummas can beat that pace (although they have far more recognizable uniforms).


  1. Ah the "yogurt ladies" as I call them. I wouldn't mind being one. Hmmm

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