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Posted by on Oct 1, 2010 in Korean Culture, Korean Food | 0 comments

Mi-sook recommends: Institute of Korean Cuisine

Mi-sook recommends: Institute of Korean Cuisine

Thanks to Korean historical dramas, such as Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum), and Bae Yong Joon’s Gosireh restaurants and packaged foods in Japan, Korean Royal Cuisine is beginning to become well-known throughout Asia and the world.

If Korean Royal Cuisine intrigues you and you want to study and practice this culinary art under the tutelage of Han Bok-ryeo, the primary consultant for Jewel in the Palace, check out the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine website. They offer cooking classes and publish cookbooks teaching the methods and standards of Korean Royal Cuisine, particularly the culinary arts practiced during the Chosun Dynasty.

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