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Posted by on Jan 14, 2011 in Commentary | 2 comments

How to celebrate National Pastrami Day Korean style?

How to celebrate National Pastrami Day Korean style?

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Spice up your pastrami with kimchi. (Photo by Tammy Quackenbush)

Delis all across the United States offered free or reduced priced pastrami sandwiches in honor of “National Pastrami Day” today. Inspiration can come in the most unusual places.

I went to Togo’s today to check out their “Pastrami guarantee”. I brought it home and customized it with some kimchi. You can’t do better than Kimchi Reuben sandwich for a spicy Koreafornian treat.


  1. I swear you are my long lost twin sister (ok I am way older than you… Shut up) <br />That sandwich brought tears to my eyes. Only thing better would be Katz deli pastrami with kimchi.

  2. Now you making me cry. I wish I could go back to Wolfie&#39;s Deli in Toms River, NJ, sneak in a jar of kimchi and nosh on a Pastrami on rye!

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