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Posted by on Jan 17, 2011 in Commentary, Korean Culture, Korean Food, Vegetarian | 2 comments

Life in South Korea: Being Vegetarian (Vlog by Jiffmartin)

Check out Jeff Martinez’s tutorial on how to survive as a vegetarian in South Korea, including tips on how to explain your cuisine preferences to restaurant staff and pronunciation of basic Korean phrases to help keep the gogi (meat) out of your bibimbap (mixed up vegetables and rice).


  1. Yes, there are vegetarian dishes in Korean cuisine. But vegetarian restaurants, where 100% of the menu is meat free, are few and far between. The vegetarian food scene in Korea is improving but is far behind the USA in this regard. <br />There are Korean food blogs dedicated completely to helping expat vegetarians and vegans find vegetarian restaurants, such as Alien&#39;s Day Out that vegan and

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