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Posted by on Mar 1, 2011 in Commentary | 8 comments

Stylish blogger award

Stylish blogger award

Thanks to Island Vittles for nominating me for the Stylish Blogger award. My acceptance speech for this award is:

First, I have to share 7 things about myself.   Then I must in turn, bestow this award on 10 great bloggers.

Here we go:

1.  I got married at the ripe old age of 22 and have been married 15 years.
2. I’m a good cook but not a very good housewife. I can’t stand washing dishes.
3. Kang Joon-sang’s (Bae Yong-joon’s character) house in Winter Sonata, was only a few blocks from my former apartment in Chuncheon, South Korea.
4. I don’t eat pork or shellfish, ever.
5. I have an elliptical trainer in my living room. Korean dramas + elliptical trainer= fit K-drama addict
6. My favorite drink is Arnold Palmer’s half-tea lemonade.
7.  My favorite Korean food is dakkalbi.

Now, here are the 10 bloggers I will “pay it forward” with the stylish blogger award. I read all of these blogs and most of them are food related, but not all of them.

1. Gourmande in Osaka
2. Sonoma Bento
3. Beyond Kimchee
4. El alma del Hansik (Spanish language Korean food blog)
5. Wonju Wife (Disclaimer: Danielle Park is a writer for ZenKimchi Food Journal, just like me.)
6. My Wagashi Chronicles
7. Eating and Living
8. Almost Bourdain
9. Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet
10.Spicie Foodie


  1. I`m so glad you found the award! I was just in the midst of writing you an email to let you know (only 3 days late!) Love your blog. Theresa

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me for the award. I am very excited and grateful to receive it.

  3. @ Island Vittles. Thanks for this award. Sometimes we need a break from the food and show a little of ourselves to others. It was a valuable exercise. <br /><br />@ Ellie &amp; Hyosun Ro. You&#39;re welcome. I read all of your blogs frequently, even though I don&#39;t always make comments. One of my New Year&#39;s resolutions is to make more comments. πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations on your award! I also hate washing dishes, and my kitchen is way to small for a dish washer:( Thanks for thinking of me πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend.

  5. Thanks for the nomination. It is awesome to feel that I am a stylish blogger.

  6. @ Spicie Foodie and beyond kimcee! You both are awesome! πŸ™‚

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