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  1. If anyone knows, it will be the CRFG (Calif Rare Fruit Growers). There&#39;s a Redwood Empire chapter which is mostly Sonoma County. I&#39;m a member and can ask for you. Just let me know.<br /><br />You&#39;ll probably have more luck finding a branch for summer grafting onto an existing citrus tree than a whole new tree, but you never know.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I spoke w/ people at Urban Tree Farm and they said there are no trees currently available. <br /><br />But they also said that most of the commercially available yuzu trees are based on grafts to existing trees rather then grown from seed.

  3. Sorry, I wasn&#39;t clear. Pretty much all citrus trees are grafted. The CRFG is a membership group. Someone is bound to have a yuzu tree and can give you a branch *for free* (or offer a food trade) to graft on to an existing citrus tree (any citrus tree) this summer. If you don&#39;t already have a citrus tree, then buy one you want and plant it. When it&#39;s got a few branches, you can

  4. aye no point in looking for a seedling non grafted yuzu plant unless you got patience to wait about 17-18 years until you see fruit from it as thats the time they say in japan ittakes for a yuzu plant from seed to bear fruit (included even on a folk&#39;s saying farmers use).Bear in mind the seed grown are considered better in taste and lavor but all such plant owners are either

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