Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: YuYu Zazang restaurant, Oakland, Calif.

Gan za zang myun, a sister dish to za za myun, is mixed up and ready to eat. (Jeff Quackenbush photo)
YuYu Zazang in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Oakland, Calif., was already on my list of Korean restaurants to review, even though YuYu Zazang is a Korean-Chinese restaurant rather than a true Korean restaurant.

My earlier review of ZaZang Korean Noodle restaurant in San Francisco garnered just one comment, from reader Kimchikraut, "You should [visit] YuYu in Oakland."

I replied, "I do have a few Oakland restaurants in my sights, but they'll have to wait until 2011."

Kimchikraut's challenge bumped YuYu Zazang to the top of my Oakland list.

However, this review is decidedly different from my prior ones, because it is a guest post on the travel blog Seoul Sub→urban (a fellow Nanoomi partner).

MacArthur Transfer Station in Oakland CA is one of the hubs for the Bay Area Rapid Transit System. YuYu Zazang Restaurant is less than a block away. (Jeff Quackenbush photo)
I'll show you how to get to YuYu Zazang via BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), because the focus of that blog is subway station–area attractions. Read about my trip to Oakland, see some artistic but non-foodie photos of the station environs and find out whether YuYu Zazang is good enough for a second trip.

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