Friday, June 3, 2011

10 ways to celebrate World Egg Day

Most cultures of the world have recipes using eggs as the primary source of protein. Since today is World Egg Day, I thought I'd show you all the ways I've come up with so far. Most of them are dessert material, rather than main course material. Your sweet tooth has been warned.

Gungjung tteokbokki

There are two schools of thought on the egg garnish that I decided to use in this recipe. One school says to separate the egg yolk from the white and fry them separately, allow to cool and cut into thin strips, which is the version I use here. The other school says to separate the yolk and white, make the thin omelet and cut them on a diagonal to create diamond shapes.

Korean egg toast

This Korean street food includes a sprinkling of brown sugar at the end but for the most part, it is a wholesome mix of eggs, vegetables and bread.

Pul-bbang (풀빵) Korean pancake dumplings

Sneak some more eggs into your diet with these bite-sized stuff "donut holes."

Curry devilled eggs

Consider making a couple dozen of these deviled eggs to your next potluck. You won't have any to take back home so you might want to make three or four dozen.

Saeng Cream Cake

This recipe doesn't seem to match the theme until you realize this recipe includes 6 egg yolks. That's a lot of eggs.

Yuja Curd

This spin on the classic lemon curd would not hold up without the slowly cooked eggs holding it together.

French Toast with Yujacha Syrup

French Toast would be grilled bread without eggs.

Yujacha scones

For most Americans, scones are for high tea or Easter Sunday brunches. Today, consider it a sneaky way to sneak some egg into your diet. As Bill Cosby said, "It has eggs, milk, wheat, that's nutrition."

Buzz Button Brownies

I made these legal, fun alternative to marijuana brownies with a liberal dose of Szechuan button petals. They produce a mild tingle on the tongue like a voltage from a 9 volt battery on your tongue. The petals have the color of eggs, don't they?

Hamantaschen (Yujacha and Chocolate)

The chocolate hamantaschen recipe uses one egg more than the yujacha version. You can increase the egg quotient if you decide to coat the dough with egg wash before baking.

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