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Posted by on Aug 18, 2011 in Korean Food | 2 comments

Another reason Japanese 7-Eleven’s rock: Kimchi Onigiri

BusanKevin says, “It’s summer in Japan and 7-11 convenience stores are carrying a lot of Korean-themed food. I tried a kimchi chain onigiri. that is a kimchi fried-rice rice ball. I thought it was pretty good.”

The Japanese 7-Eleven’s serve up Bae Yong-joon designed kimbap to their customers and now they get some TVXQ and Girl’s Generation kimchi fried rice balls? Life is just not fair, is it?


  1. The summer in Japan is TOO hot for me = )

  2. Yeah, Korean and Japanes summers are very humid and hot but you have to admit, they have the good food. 🙂

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