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Posted by on Aug 22, 2011 in Korean Food, Recipes | 2 comments

Iron Chef Myeong Sook Lee’s Pre-dipped Bulgogi French Dip Sandwich for Sempio

Iron Chef Myeong Sook Lee calls this sandwich a “top ten Korean fusion dish.”  Watch the video for the English translation. I have reprinted Chef Lee’s Korean translation for those who prefer Korean.

Pre-dipped Bulgogi French Dip Sandwich

Ingredients (4 serving)
A. 1 lb beef
B. 1/2 cup BBQ sauce
C. 1/2 cup 다진파 (minced scallions)
D. 1/2cup 표고채 (sliced shitake mushrooms)
E. 1T 밀가루 (flour)
F. 1T 버터 (butter)
G. 1T 다진 홍 고추 (chopped red pepper)
H. 육수 1cup (broth)

1) 불고기용 쇠고기에 BBQ sauce를 넣어 양념을 하여 달군 팬에 볶는 다.
2) 볶은 불고기 그릇에 담고, 불고기를 볶은 불고기국물에 육수를 넣어 펄펄 끓여 물과 밀가루를 섞어 잘 섞어서 끓는 고기국물에 넣어 한번 더 끓여 dip sauce를 만들어 프랑스 빵에 안쪽을 dip sauce에 담 그어 불고기와 볶은 양파와 표고를 넣어 dip sandwich를 만든다.


  1. Nice post.Looking forward for more of Koean translations to English.

  2. A few of my recipes are directly translated from Korean, including my recent post on Yuja Ramyeon Balls and BYJ&#39;s Kalbi steak (which I also made into a video). <br /><br />Translating recipes is hard work and takes a lot of time. Even after you translated, you have to test it out to make sure the translation makes sense. <br /><br />I&#39;ll do more in the future, though because I need the

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