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Posted by on Sep 11, 2011 in Commentary, Korean Culture | 0 comments

Where are you going for Chuseok? I suggest Gangwon-do

“I got a week off for the Korean Chuseok Holiday, so I escaped from Seoul and took an express bus to Gangwondo Province. It took 4 hours. I visited three areas–Gangneung on the coast, Mt. Odaesan National Park, and Seoraksan National Park. I went alone, which was not a problem for me….”

For more information on this itinerary, go here.

My own Chuseok holiday trip to Sokcho and Gangneung were during the height of the Ganguneng submarine incident (which was also my first wedding anniversary) so I can’t say my trip was as peaceful as hers but the combo of events occurring at the same time made the trip unforgettable.

I also went with my husband and the three other teachers from my small hagwon. This made what could have been a scary trip into a delightful one. Even though Korea is a relatively safe country, I can’t, in good conscience, recommend a single woman going around traveling alone.

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