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Posted by on Oct 26, 2011 in Korean Food | 0 comments

Black and White Wednesday: Korean radishes

Black and White Wednesday: Korean radishes

Black and White Wednesday has resurrected my love of food photography and allowed me to show you some of the photos I’ve taken that didn’t make the final cut in other posts but deserve their own little spotlight.

These Korean radishes were found laying around in front of the Korean Central Market in Anchorage, Alaska, just waiting to be taken home by a Korean home cook and make into kimchi.

The leaves as well as the roots are used in Korean kimchi recipes. These small radishes with the overflowing green foilage are probably destined for a recipe called “ponytail kimchi” or “bachelor kimchi.” Both nicknames are euphemisms for a dish called Chonggak kimchi (총각 김치). The kimchi’s unusual name hearkens back to the old days, when Korea was rule by monarchs,  and men wore long hair up in a ponytail high on top of their heads.

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