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Posted by on Jan 11, 2012 in Korean Food | 5 comments

A wonderful birthday present: Yonhap published my latest article today

A wonderful birthday present: Yonhap published my latest article today

Yes, I admit it. I have a birthday once a year on January 11. Yonhap News inadvertently helped me celebrate my birthday by posting my latest article for them today.

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Here I am with Korean Consul General Lee Jeong-Gwan (r) and his wife Park Jong-Ran (l). Tammy Quackenbush photo

In early October, San Francisco’s Korean Consul General, Lee Jeong-gwan, hosted nearly 100 food writers, chefs, grocery buyers and caterers to a luncheon at the St. Francis Yacht Club to encourage Northern California culinary experts to add Korean dishes to their menus and Korean ingredients to their dishes.

I followed up with two of the three major Korean food wholesalers to find out how participating in the Culinary Camp helped them increase their business and the popularity of Korean cuisine and ingredients in Northern California.

As Eric Han, marketing assistant for CJ Foods told me a couple of months after the event, “The event’s overarching purpose aligned with ours — to spread the appreciation and awareness of Korean food, and we were able to achieve that, along with the added aim of increasing awareness for our own brand, among the targeted community of prominent Bay Area chefs and food industry players,” Han said.

To find out more, I want all of you to click over to S.Korean food companies set sights on overseas wholesale buyers


  1. Congrats!!!! That is a great b-day present!

  2. Congrats, Tammy! That's awesome. Happy Birthday!

  3. Hi Tammy – excellent article. YAY for traditional AND fusion Korean cooking!<br />Happy belated birthday to you.<br />LL<br />P.S. I recently posted &quot;learning to make bindaetteok.&quot;

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